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MOLAB - MObile LABoratory : the mobile facilities for in situ non-invasive measurements

MOLAB enables European users to develop and pursue their research under conditions that ensure the complete safety of the Heritage objects under examination. MOLAB investigations are performed in situ without the need to move fragile artworks or precious archaeological pieces to a laboratory and using only non‐invasive techniques, i.e. without any sampling or contact with the surface. MOLAB also allows immovable objects like sculptures, monuments and historical buildings to be studied without any sampling.
Typical MOLAB users are Heritage researchers (either individuals or teams from public and/or private institutions) who are developing studies to:

  • clarify art‐historical or archaeological questions (execution techniques, dating, under‐drawings in paintings etc.
  • assess the state of conservation of artefacts
  • determine or test the optimal preservation strategy to slow down alteration processes; (d) monitor conservation treatments
  • inform risk assessment.


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