IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage


The Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies (ISTM) was established on September 2000 by merging seven CNR Research Centres (four of which in Milano, two in Padova, and one in Perugia).

It is a distinguishing feature of the ISTM activity to cover the most relevant fields of chemical sciences, as ISTM staff are engaged in research into the following fields:

  • Theoretical and Experimental Modeling of Molecular and Nanostructured Systems.
  • Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Precursors and Functional Molecules.
  • Development and application of new technologies to chemistry, material science, informatics, telecommunications, and safeguard of cultural heritage.

These expertises are closely integrated so that a complete and qualified approach to scientific problems is achieved.

The ISTM is characterized by a strong interaction with the academic world, which comes straight from the long lasting cooperation established by the above mentioned Research Centres and the University Departments. The ISTM has national and international collaborative links and encourages higher degree and research links with industry and government organisations.

Contact person
Name: Costanza Miliani
Email: costanza.miliani@cnr.it