IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage


C2RMF is involved in IPERIONCH through AGLAE (Accélérateur Grand Louvre d’Analyse Elémentaire),  a laboratory for ion beam analysis (IBA) open to Transnational Access, serviced by a team specialised in conducting tandem accelerators. The team is headed by a scientist associated with three engineers and technicians for operating ion beams, optimising beam currents and tuning energy. The team has also in charge of maintenance, electronics and mechanics developments. The specificity of AGLAE is its capacity to implement the whole set of IBA techniques in air, thus permitting the non-invasive analysis of artworks of any size and shape. The IBA experiments which can be routinely performed by AGLAE are: – PIXE-PIGE-RBS or NRA- various energies, various currents, various beam spot diameters from 20 µm to 500 µm – PIXE-RBS elemental mappings. For expert users, more sophisticated and critical experiments can be also performed after agreement with the AGLAE team. Typical users for access to AGLAE are scientists, curators, art historians, archaeologists, conservators, restorers, who usually carry out research on constituent materials of movable artworks, devoted to the study of the manufacturing techniques for a contribution to art-historical studies, or devoted to the characterisation of the artwork conservation state or to establish the effectiveness of a conservation treatment. Contact person Name: Claire Pacheco Email addressclaire.pacheco@culture.gouv.fr