IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage


The activities of the CNR-INO are in the field of advanced research in optics and optoelectronics, quantum optics and information processing. Since 1990, the Gruppo Beni Culturali (GBC, Art Diagnostics Group) at CNR-INO has been studying applications of optical techniques and developing instruments for noninvasive analysis on Heritage objects. The GBC collaborates both with institutions of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and with prominent international research centres, conservation institutes and museums.

Partner of EuARTECH and CHARISMA, CNR-INO was strongly involved in the development of new portable instruments and innovative methodologies for in situ diagnostics. Examples of successful instruments are the scanners for highresolution multispectral imaging in the visible and near IR, and in terms of new methodologies, in recent years, CNR-INO has introduced both multispectral Infrared reflectography and Thermal QuasiReflectography. The institute has been providing TNA since the beginning of the EuARTECH project under the MOLAB program.

Contact person
Name: Raffaella Fontana
Email address: raffaella.fontana@ino.it