IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage


The goal of FIXLAB is to provide access for the Cultural Heritage (CH) community to largescale facilities that develop and maintain sophisticated stateoftheart instrumentation for advanced diagnostics and archaeometry. Access is offered to researchers in Heritage Science to help address the major questions raised by the materiality of CH artefacts in terms of their genesis, manufacturing processes, alterations, conservation and preservation.

The unique FIXLAB services offered to the CH community embrace:

  • advanced stateoftheart instrumentation
  • dedicated facilities with teams of experts in the field of microanalysis of CH artefacts
  • novel developments resulting from IPERION CH joint research activities to progressively improve access
  • development of both new samplepositioning devices at a microscale and software tools for the integration of imaging data


Discover the FIXLAB Providers in IPERION CH


Name: Michel Menu
Email: michel.menu@culture.gouv.fr

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