IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage

The European H2020 projects “EMOTIVE: Storytelling for Cultural heritage” (http://www.emotiveproject.eu/)  and “CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history” (www.crosscult.eu) would like to invite you in a EU projects workshop in order to explore possible collaborations between EU funded projects relevant to Cultural Heritage. In particular, we will explore possibilities for exchanging tools, technologies, know-how, methods and best practices, in order to significantly improve our efficiency and better manage resources.

Issues to be discussed fall under these three broad categories:

  • Humanities (e.g. content creation, experience evaluation and related methodologies & techniques, user engagement (pre/post/revisit))
  • Technology (e.g. personalisation, onsite/offsite tools and technologies, authoring tools, new forms/enhanced digitization)
  • Dissemination / Exploitation (e.g. business plans/IPR suggestions, living labs, common strategies, publications, advertising our projects and attract more users -e.g. advergames)

If you wish to participate in this Workshop please complete the following excel with the relevant information by April 16th, 2018 .

The meeting will take place in Athens at the premises of the University of West Attica  (http://www.teiath.gr/?lang=en) on May 14th,  2018. The agenda will be sent to participants after the end of registrations.

For any inquiries please contact: evasilak@teiath.gr