IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage

Consiglio Nazionale delle ricerche


CNR is the largest public research institution in Italy under the Ministry for Education, University and Research. CNR performs multidisciplinary research activities and ensures large and effective European and International cooperation in all fields of knowledge. CNR is an active member of the European Heads of the Research Councils association (EuroHORCs), of the European Science Foundation (ESF), and of Science Europe (SE). Social sciences and humanities, and cultural heritage have been investigated at CNR since the agency’s reform on 4th March 1963. Today SSH and CH researchers are part of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Cultural Heritage (DSU‐CNR). CNR is a long‐term stakeholder in the framework of the European projects with more than 700 projects funded in FP7. CNR is taking part in IPERION CH with DSU, four institutes, INO, ISTM, ICVBC, IFAC and two third parties, UNIPG (S.M.A.Art) and LABDIA.

The institutes INO, ISTM and third parties UNIPG (S.M.A.Art) and LABDIA are partners of MOLAB Trans-National Access.

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