IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage

Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Atommagkutató Intézet – Hungarian Academy of Science Institute for Nuclear Research (MTA Atomki)


The Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA Atomki) is one of the leading establishments in atomic and subatomic physics in Hungary. In addition to basic research, the institute is devoted to the application of atomic and nuclear physics in the fields of archaeology, environmental research, earth sciences, materials & surface science and biomedicine. Our laboratories provide service for external (national and international) and internal users and contribute to higher education, as well. In collaboration with several research institutions, universities and museums, MTA Atomki is actively engaged in cultural heritage investigations applying elemental analysis and carbon dating.

Accelerator Centre – Laboratory of Ion Beam Applications (IBA Lab)

Through determining the concentration and distribution of elements, ion beam analytical techniques can give information on provenance, authenticity, production technology, and degradation due to environmental effects of art and archaeological objects. They also contribute to the elaboration of conservation technologies. Besides the in-vacuum measurements with high lateral resolution, an external micro-beam set-up is also available for artefacts of bigger sizes or sensitive nature. The IBA Lab served as a transnational access facility within the EU FP7 CHARISMA infrastructure project. Within IPERION CH, besides the transnational access service and networking, the IBA Lab also participates in joint research activities.

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