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The J. Paul Getty Trust – The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)


The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) works to advance conservation practice in the visual arts, broadly interpreted to include objects, collections, architecture, and sites. It serves the conservation community through scientific research, education and training, model field projects, and the broad dissemination of the results of both its own work and the work of others in the field. In all its endeavors, the Getty focuses on the creation and dissemination of knowledge that will benefit the professionals and organizations responsible for the conservation of the world’s cultural heritage. The GCI’s Science department carries out scientific research into a broad range of conservation issues, with the overall aim of advancing conservation practice around the world. We work across all sectors of the visual arts, including collections and built heritage, to improve understanding of how the world’s cultural heritage was created, how it has altered and is likely to further change with age, as well as to develop and evaluate effective conservation strategies, treatments, and approaches.

In all its scientific work, the GCI seeks to:

  • Undertake a broad portfolio of scientific research, across all types of cultural heritage, and including all aspects of conservation science
  • Provide leadership in the field by focusing on a number of specific conservation issues and studying them in depth
  • Improve the long-term preservation and stability of works of art or other forms of cultural heritage
  • Evaluate new procedures and analytical techniques for their usefulness in the field
  • Provide scientific support to broader GCI and Getty projects where appropriate
  • Develop conservation science as a discipline
  • Disseminate our research to the conservation community through an active program of publications, workshops and conferences.

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