IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage
The colour theme at the University Library in Bratislava, Slovakia :research, technology, history and conservation/restoration of the fine art

The use of colours dates back to the Antiquity until today undergoing to numerous changes according their preparation, application, conservation etc. To this purpose, the conference will encompass several aspects such as:

(i) making colours (origin, provenance and ways of their production)

(ii) understanding colours (via perception, chemical analysis and the painting technique evolution),

(iii) changing colours (covering all aspects of degradation and the role of patina) and, finally,

(iv) restoring colours – from local retouches to reconstructions (also including the virtual ones)

For further details see  https://www.alma-lab.cz/eng/alma-conference-2019
or contact alma2019@alma-lab.cz


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