IPERION CHIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage

MOLAB , ARCHLAB and FIXLAB have launched their 3d call for proposals.

MOLAB: Deadline September 15th, 2016

ARCHLAB: Deadline September 15th, 2016

FIXLAB: Deadlines September 15th, October 1st,  October 15th, 2016 

MOLAB enables European users to develop and pursue their research under conditions that ensure the complete safety of the Heritage objects under examination. MOLAB investigations are performed in situ without the need to move fragile artworks or precious archaeological pieces to a laboratory and using only non‐invasive techniques, i.e. without any sampling or contact with the surface. MOLAB also allows immovable objects like sculptures, monuments and historical buildings to be studied without any sampling.
Typical MOLAB users are Heritage researchers (either individuals or teams from public and/or private institutions.

ARCHLAB comprises an encyclopaedic archive of knowledge and technical data accumulated in the past and preserved at the most prestigious European museums or conservation research institutes. ARCHLAB enables access to the combined knowledge in repositories in Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain and UK.

FIXLAB is the platform of Medium and Large-scale facilities. Its goal is to provide access for the Cultural Heritage (CH) community to large‐scale facilities that develop and maintain sophisticated state‐of‐the‐art instrumentation for advanced diagnostics and archeometry. Access is offered to researchers in Heritage Science to help address the major questions posed by the materiality of CH artefacts in terms of their genesis, manufacturing processes, alterations, conservation and preservation.

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